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For those who meet eligibility criteria, the Office of Job Training will pay tuition costs for occupational training including certified professional trade schools and technical or community college programs up to two years in length. Predetermined amounts are paid for tuition and/or required books. Uniform and tool expenses required for a training program may also be paid depending on eligibility criteria.

In order to help you determine which training program is right for you, the Office of Job Training maintains information on an incredible array of occupational training programs, including skill certifications, diplomas, and associate or bachelor degree programs. We also have access to employment statistics on placement of program graduates, including wage at placement, so you know what to expect when you graduate.

fastTRAC Corrections Training Program a Success!  (2016)

fastTRAC Corrections photoAfter thirteen months, a very important fastTRAC Corrections training program concluded on December 9th, 2016. Twenty-five students received a certificate that proves that they have training that will help them be successful in a Corrections work environment. This is significant when we consider that about 80% of all Corrections Officers do not have a Corrections degree or training of any kind prior to employment.  Read More

FastTRAC Meets Dr. Seuss! (2014-2015)

This year Mesabi Range's Education Department was greatly enriched by students participating in The Minnesota FastTRAC Initiative. The Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training was awarded a FastTRAC grant July 1, 2014. The grant program is entitled, Assist, Inspire, Dream, Educate (A.I.D.E.). Additional grant partners include Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency Adult Education program. Through this collaborative effort, individuals that met income eligibility guidelines were enrolled in college courses which will prepare them for employment in becoming a paraprofessional.  Read More

FastTRAC Celebration!!

Students that were iCollage of FastTRAC students with instructors and counselors.n the FastTRAC program at Mesabi Range Community College were invited to a celebration to honor and celebrate their efforts in completing the 2 semester 16 credit AIDE Program (Assist, Inspire, Dream, Educate). After completion of the program, students are prepared to take the State Para Pro Test. Passing the test would allow them employment into many areas, including child care, Education, Head Start, etc. The 16 credits could also be applied to further education in the Educational field for those that choose to go on.  Read More


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